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Eight remarkable and talented young pianists, from six different countries around the world came to further their musical studies at the Conservatory of Music and Académie Supérieure de Musique (HEAR) in Strasbourg, France. During the COVID-19 years, they took on together the challenge of learning the marvelous but highly demanding piano works of the great French composer Hugues Dufourt, who coined the term “Spectral Music” in the 1970’s.
The young pianists had the honour of working with Hugues Dufourt himself. Here the complete piano solo works of Hugues Dufourt are presented for the first time. The CDs were recorded in the presence of Mr. Dufourt and under his guidance.

Hugues Dufourt (*1943) Complete Works for Piano Solo
CD 1
1. Tombeau de Debussy, 2018
Valentin Mansard
2. Reine Spannung, 2015
Kotoko Matsuda
3. La Fontaine de Cuivre d’après Chardin, 2013
Manon Delort
4. Vent d’automne, 2011
Vadim Saukin
5. La ligne gravissant la chute, 2007
Kotoko Matsuda
6. Rastlose Liebe, 2000
An Chen Jasmin Zhang
Total time CD 1: 47:56
CD 2
1. Erlkönig, 2006
Hongye Liu
2. Meeresstille, 1997
Rodolfo Faistauer
3. An Schwager Kronos, 1994
Pierre Rouinvy
Total time CD 2: 53:43
Total time CD 1 + CD 2: 1:41:39

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