Music production is a matter of trust – especially in view of the almost overwhelming volume of various technical solutions. It is therefore all the more important to identify the essential elements. The starting point still remains the actual sound event and how it is recorded by microphones. This is the decisive moment, as any loss in quality due to wrongly selected or poorly placed microphones is impossible to recover through technical tricks. MBM therefore takes the utmost care in the selection and positioning of high-end microphones which customarily operate through the direct conversion of the signal.

The audio signal produced in this fashion can be further processed to a maximum degree of high definition. This is why we frequently bring our own control room to recording sessions: MBM has designed a surround-capable recording van specially geared to the requirements of high-end music productions which is utilised for numerous recordings, guaranteeing a constant standard of optimal reference monitoring.
All our music productions are exclusively supervised by highly qualified sound engineers who not only possess impeccable technical knowledge, but primarily place musical aesthetics at the core of their operations. This ensures that they are knowledgeable partners for performers in all respects. The combination of consummate technical and aesthetic competence guarantees the exceptionally high quality standards of MBM productions.

The recorded sound is only one element of a music publication – there are several other aspects to consider and create. The cover of a sound carrier must be designed to be graphically appropriate, additionally forging a connection with the musical content. The accompanying booklet must be of high quality, providing comprehensive information on works, artists and performance practice; the texts must be accurate from a musicological aspect, but at the same time generally comprehensible and also entertaining. These are ambitious challenges going beyond the music itself which is why Coviello Classics works together with experienced graphic artists and text authors.
Ultimately, the finished product should be available in as many places across the world as possible. We therefore have local partners in numerous countries in Europe, Asia and North America who are familiar with their local markets. These partners are continuously supplied with new products, information material and press reviews: even when a production has been fully completed, there is still a lot of work to do.

Nieder-Ramstädter-Straße 190
64285 Darmstadt

MBM Musikproduktion, Darmstadt

Our core competence is music production. Our teams drive from our headquarters in Darmstadt to selected locations throughout Europe to record music in ideal acoustic conditions – as appropriate to the relevant repertoire. These recordings will then receive their final polish at our post-production facilities in the premises of the International Music Institute Darmstadt (IMD).

21 Bedford Square
London WC1B 3HH
United Kingdom

Coviello Music Production, London

Since 2016, we also have a presence in the United Kingdom. Our London productions are operated according to the same high quality standards as in Germany – and we also have highly experienced musical experts responsible for the sound and realisation of the interpretation in the recordings at this location.

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