COV 91914

A coproduction with:

Birmingham Contemporary Music Group:
Flutes/Flöten  · Veronika Klirova
Oboe, Cor anglais/Oboe, Englischhorn ⋅ Melinda Maxwell
Clarinets/Klarinetten ⋅ Oliver Janes
Bassoon/Fagott ⋅ Gretha Tuls
Horn  ⋅ Mark Philips
Trumpet/Trompete ⋅ Richard Blake & Markus Schwind#
Trombone/Posaune ⋅ Tony Howe
Percussion/Schlagzeug ⋅ Julian Warburton
Piano/Klavier ⋅ John Reid
Violin 1/Violine 1 ⋅ Zoë Beyers
Violin 2/Violine 2 ⋅ Kate Suthers
Viola ⋅ Adam Romer
Violoncello ⋅ Ulrich Heinen
Double Bass/Kontrabass ⋅ John Tattersdill
Soprano/Sopran ⋅ Elizabeth Atherton*
Soprano/Sopran ⋅ Salome Kammer
Baritone/Bariton ⋅ Marcus Farnsworth**
Conductor/Dirigent ⋅ Michael Wendeberg

Karl Marx has said very little about music; from a Marxist point of view this could be explained by the fact that, since he spent most of his adult life in poverty in London, he had no opportunity to experience music. However, this has not prevented composers, especially in the last hundred years, from making him their subject or using his thoughts. For the Marx Year 2019 some current examples of the musical engagement with Marx are presented here.

CD 1
1. Frédéric Pattar Deflation – Eine kleine Marxmusik 9:24
2. Sergej Newski Letter to H. Marx** 12:05
3. Cecilia Arditto The dearest dream 8:35
4. Alistair Zaldua manifesto** 9:34
5. Mert Moralı Die Produktion des Bewusstseins# 10:18
6. Andrea Portera Wild Rituals 18:17
Total time CD 1: 1:08:16
CD 2
1. Celeste Oram Pierrot Laborieux I. & II. The Work* 9:21
2. Celeste Oram Pierrot Laborieux III. The Work* 0:18
3. Kaspar Querfurth bloßes Zubehör der Maschine** 5:50
4. Geoffrey Gordon Harmonie – An Jenny* 7:38
5. Ruiqi Wang Wenn’s tief in mir ertönt** 16:28
6. Robert Reid Allan Terry Helenson’s Revolutionary Dreams* 20:42
Total time CD 2: 1:00:18

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