A coproduction with:

E-MEX Ensemble
Evelin Degen ⋅ Flöten / flutes
Joachim Striepens ⋅ Klarinetten / clarinets
Simone Seiler und Mirjam Schröder ⋅ Harfe / harp
Michael Pattmann und Norbert Krämer ⋅ Schlagzeug / percussion
Martin von der Heydt ⋅ Klavier / piano
Kalina Kolarova und Alexandre Dimcevski ⋅ Violine / violin
Konrad von Coelln ⋅ Viola / viola
Burkhart Zeller ⋅ Cello / cello
Eberhard Maldfeld ⋅ Kontrabass / double bass
C. M. Wagner ⋅ Dirigent / conductor

Christoph Maria Wagner shies away from nothing musically: in the latest instalment of his “Remix” series, he takes on not only well-known classical works but also German folk songs in order to “open the ears” with his radical reinterpretation, as he himself puts it. The originals are familiar, however: Beethoven’s 5th Symphony and Mozart’s C major piano sonata “facile” already cause some people to wave them off with boredom, but that is precisely what makes them interesting for Wagner: “Combining the grammar of new music with a relatively simple musical vocabulary” is his principle with which he wants to ensure greater understanding for contemporary composers – and the songs are predestined for that, too, as they represent all areas of life in terms of content. Wagner also wants to gain something new from what is well known, and he has once again done so convincingly in his tried and tested cooperation with the E-Mex Ensemble.

1. Intro 0:44
remiX-Suite für Klavier / for piano
2. remiX III (Beethoven V) (2012) 7:59
3. remiX XI (Smrt) (2016) 6:14
4. remiX II (Webern) (2012) 8:55
remiX IV
Deutsche Volkslieder (2013) für Sopran und großes Ensemble (12 Spieler)
German folk songs (2013) for soprano and large ensemble (12 players)
5. Heissa 2:54
6. Schnitter Tod 4:37
7. Wenn ich ein Vöglein wär‘ 5:44
8. Quodlibet 4:13
9. Wohl heute noch und morgen 7:10
10. Lauf, Jäger, lauf 3:42
11. Der Mond 3:31
12. remiX V (Scriabin) 12:34
für Klavier, Loop-Zuspielungen und Live-Elektronik
for piano, live-electronic and prerecorded loops – Zuspielungen / tape (2014 / 2015)
13. remiX X (Sonata facile, ma non troppo) 12:34
für präpariertes Klavier / for prepared piano
Total time: 1:15:31

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