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Nicolaus A. Huber always called himself explicitly a political composer. Sometimes this event reference is quite specifically named in Werden Fische je das Wasser leid, which he wrote in 2003 as a response to George W. Bush‘s war in Iraq. But in recent years the political relation is less direct; Huber responds with his music to the realities of our neo-liberal society. The ensemble reflexion K paints a fascinating picture of one of the most important composers of our time.

ensemble reflexion K
Beatrix Wagner · Joachim Striepens · Matthias Jann · Johannes Fischer · Jonathan Shapiro · Martin von der Heydt · Lenka Župková · Christiane Veltman · Burkart Zeller · Heiko Maschmann · Guests: Katja Fischer · André Wittmann · Felix Kroll · Ninon Gloger · Katrin Maschmann · Gerald Eckert

Nicolaus A. Huber (*1939)
1. leggiero mit weissglut (2007) 15:19
2. Zum Beispiel: wogende Äste (2011 ) 16:54
3. „O dieses Lichts!“ (G. Benn) (2002) 12:18
4. Ohne Hölderlin (1992) 17:03
5. „Werden Fische je das Wasser leid?“ (Ch. Bukowski) (2003) 18:21
Total time: 1:19:57

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