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COV 91925

Sung Kyu Park ∙ tenor ⋅ ERNANI
Marian Pop ∙ baritone ⋅ DON CARLO
Pavel Kudinov ∙ bass ⋅ DON RUY GÓMEZ DE SILVA
Leah Gordon ∙ soprano ⋅ ELVIRA
Stephanie Henke ∙ Sopran ⋅ GIOVANNA
Christoph Wittmann ∙ tenor ⋅ DON RICCARDO
Lancelot Nomura ∙ bass ⋅ JAGO

Verdi wanted to put a “grandiose and yet passionate libretto” into music. His first setting to a drama by Victor Hugo (Hernani ou l’honneur castillan), was composed in 1843, fascinated by the close integration of the formerly individual “numbers” into a structural unit and the further perfected depth of the figure drawing – including its relentless destruction at the end. However, Ernani is not one of the really big hits like Nabucco or La Traviata – like the other three early Verdi operas published by Marcus Bosch and the Cappella Aquileia in recent years. There is a method behind it: Bosch shows that even the supposedly somewhat weaker works by the great opera genius have their own special charms. In the case of Ernani, this is again extremely convincing: Marcus Bosch, the Czech Philharmonic Choir Brno and the Cappella Aquileia, together with a handpicked ensemble of singers, turn the first large piece of world-famous music by Verdi’s pen into an intense music-drama experience with proven precision.
Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901) Ernani
Libretto: Francesco Maria Piave
CD 1
1. Preludio 2:36
2. Introduzione (Choir) 3:34
3. Recitativo e Cavatina Ernani 5:31
4. Cavatina Elvira 7:45
5. Scena, Duetto, indi Terzetto
(Carlo/Giovanna, Carlo/Elvira, Carlo/Elvira/Ernani)
6. Finale I 11:25
7. Introduzione (Choir) 2:42
8. Recitativo e Terzetto
(Siva/Ernani, Silva/Ernani/Elvira)
9. Scena ed Aria Carlo (later with Choir) 9:52
10. Duetto Ernani e Silva (later with Choir) 5:55
Total time CD 1: 1:09:57
CD 2
1. Scena Carlo 7:54
2. Congiura (Choir) 7:18
3. Finale III 7:12
4. Festa da Ballo (Choir) 3:14
5. Scena e Terzetto Finale
(Ernani/Elvira, Ernani/Elvira/Silva)
Total time CD 2: 40:37
Total time CD 1+2: 1:50:34

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