In Hubert Parry’s Orchestral Variations he sees “a masterful composition, which is particularly close to my heart, in the tradition of orchestral variations such as those by Brahms, Dvořák and Elgar”. Granville Bantock’s Pagan Symphony is for him “a truly impressive work that evokes the ancient, mythological world of Arcadia and is unique in its musical expression”. Finally, in Peter Maxwell Davies Five Klee Pictures, “the wonderful paintings inspired the composer’s imagination to create these idiomatic orchestral miniatures”. These are three works that are particularly dear to the heart of the British conductor Douglas Bostock; and you can hear this in every moment of his new recording with the Argovia Philharmonic. Three works that are exemplary for the “renaissance of British music” in the late 19th century and what developed from it in the following decades.

Das argovia philharmonic auf dem Helikopterlandeplatz der Hirslandenklinik Aarau Aarau, den 06.05.2016 Foto: Priska Ketterer/ argovia philharmonic
Hubert Parry (1848 – 1918)
1. Symphonic Variations 13:16
Granville Bantock (1864 – 1946)
Pagan Symphony
2. Tranquillo molto lento sostenuto 5:59
3. Allegro con spirito 9:50
4. Scherzo: Dance of Satyrs 3:19
5. Fanfare: Allegretto con moto 5:15
6. Molto lento, sostenuto e rubato 2:18
7. Allegro molto e con fuoco 8:27
Peter Maxwell Davies (1934 – 2016)
Five Klee pictures
8. I A Crusador 1:27
9. II Oriental Garden 1:13
10. III The Twittering Machine 2:31
11. IV Stained-Glass Saint 2:13
12. V Ad Parnassum 2:23
Total time: 58:17


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