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To courage. Nicolaus A. Huber’s music as an intervention in the usual. The title of the booklet text gets to the point: In fact, Huber repeatedly urges the public to leave routine listening habits, and has done so for decades. For example, he does not consider tones as elements whose origin, direction and hierarchical position can always be clearly identified and – once set – can no longer be changed. On the contrary: According to Huber’s understanding, a tone moves as a wave of probability and can change direction at any moment, take a modified form or temporarily disappear and reappear elsewhere. In two orchestral works and two pieces played by ensemble reflexion k – created over a period of 43 years – the composer repeatedly portrays this completely differently. Those who listen to the familiar leave the experience of fascinating new perspectives.

1. Gespenster (Vorspruch | Tutti | Lied) 1976
für Orchester, Sänger-Sprecher und Zuspielungen
Text: Peter Maiwand & Berthold Brecht
SWF Sinfonieorchester Baden-Baden & Freiburg
Ernest Bour, conductor
Reinhold Ohngemach, voice
für 25 Musiker, 1 Dirigent, 1 Sprecherin,
Tonband & Lautsprecher, 1971
SWR Radio-Sinfonieorchester Stuttgart | Zsolt Nagy, conductor
Barbara Stoll, voice
3. l’inframince – extended (3 Sätze)
für Ensemble, Video- & CD-Zuspielungen, 2013/14
Ensemble Refl exion K | Gerald Eckert, Dirigent | conductor
4. No Exit verwunschene Fixierung
für Ensemble, Audio- & Video-Zuspielungen, 2014
Ensemble Refl exion K | Gerald Eckert, conductor
Total time: 1:11:12
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