COV 92207

Mojca Galviolin
Anne Simone Aeberhardrecorder
Thomas Leininger harpsichord
Bruno Hurtado Gosalvezcello

“Must you not admit that, touched by his expert bowing, the hundred transformations of his playing, the sweet vibration of his trill, the speed of his runs, the brilliance of his cadenzas, the articulation and his sighs, you can imagine nothing but hearing the song of birds in the shade of the trees…? If a critic is carried away by such hymns, he must have heard something extraordinary. It was about the violin virtuoso Giuseppe Tartini who, according to his contemporaries, sang on the violin and did not play. Very similar words were spoken about the Comte de St. Germain and his “truly delightful playing”. Two true grand masters of their craft, then, who were also able to bring all their virtuosity and intimacy to shine brilliantly in their compositions for the violin. Mojca Gal brilliantly performs these particularly sparkling pearls of the late baroque with the excellent support of the Ensemble Ad Fontes.

Giuseppe Tartini (1692-1770)
Sonate a violino e violoncello o cimbalo op. 6 (published by Mme Le Clerc, Paris ca. 1748) in G-Dur | G major
1. I Adagio 7:43
2. II Allegro 4:28
3. III Presto 3:21
Comte de St. Germain (ca. 1710–1784): Seven Solos for a Violin (John Walsh, London 1758): Sonata III in c-Moll | c minor
4. I Adagio 6:16
5. II Allegro 4:33
6. II Andante 4:00
7. IV Allegro 3:18
Comte de St. Germain: Six Sonatas for Two Violins with a Bass for the Harpsichord or Violoncello (John Walsh, London 1750): Sonata I in F-Dur | F major
8. I Molto Adagio 2:43
9. II Allegro moderato 5:58
10. III Andante amorosissimo, senza Cembalo 2:12
11. IV Cantabile 4:14
Giuseppe Tartini: VI Sonate a Violino e Violoncello o Cimbalo,
Opera Seconda (Le Cène, Amsterdam 1743) Sonata 1 in G-Dur | G minor (g4)
12. I Largo 6:58
13. II Allegro 5:34
14. III Allegro Assai 3:31
Comte de St. Germain: Seven Solos for a Violin (John Walsh, London 1758): Sonata I in F-Dur | F major
15. I Adagio 4:53
16. II Allegro 3:57
17. III Andante 2:45
18. IV Allegro 3:27
Total time: 1:26:16

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