COV 92117

Percussion Under Construction
Martin Hennecke · Dominik Minsch · Thorsten Muschiol · Johannes Walter
Matthias Weißenauer · Fedor Woll · Manuel Geier (Electronics Black Page)

The musicians of Percussion Under Construction had already decided before Corona that a well thought-out concept album was to be their first recorded release. The forced break in the first lockdown in March 2020 strengthened their resolve: In this exceptional situation, newly created works were to enter into correspondence with previously known ones. Thus, Prelude I, composed by ensemble member Martin Hennicke during this time, reflects the situation of the soloist left to his own devices, while he reworked his work L.A., begun earlier, to depict the particular consternation of the mega-metropolis: The composition, partly consisting of field recordings of industrial plants, takes on a life of its own and continues to exist even without the temporarily invisible people. Works from the last decades are partly heard in new versions, new ones were created especially for the situation of the actors who are only virtually connected – an impressive demonstration of different worlds of experience.

”Impressively versatile, sometimes bizarre and radically modern. (…) A wondrous cosmos of sounds, populated by equally wondrous instruments.“ (
Saarländischer Rundfunk

Percussion Under Construction (c) Eric Thoma
Martin Hennecke
1. Präludium I · Johannes Walter, Marimba 3:21
Nebojša Jovan Živković
2. Trio per Uno I · Meccanico 5:19
3. Trio per Uno II · Contemplativo 5:56
4. Trio per Uno III · Molto Energico 3:14
Frank Zappa
5. The Black Page #1 · stay-at-home version
featuring Christopher Garcia, Indian Percussion
6. Prayer and Blessing
featuring Valda Wilson, Soprano
I Trash-Setup & Electronics
Martin Hennecke, Manuel Geier
II Drums
Thorsten Muschiol
III The Hard Version · Solo Marimba: Johannes Walter
IV The Easy Teenage New York Version
Solo Vibraphone: Dominik Minsch
Rudolf Schenker, Klaus Meine, Herman Rarebell
8. Rock You Like a Hurricane
featuring Herman Rarebell, Drums
Martin Hennecke
9. L.A. 12:29
Total time: 1:02.38


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