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German-French choral romanticism
Once again, the well-known master arranger Andreas N. Tarkmann and the Mädchenchor Hannover will provide a beautiful Christmas present in proven cooperation: Romantic Christmas works by Peter Cornelius, Engelbert Humperdinck and Max Reger will be juxtaposed with those of the French Adolphe Adam, Charles Gounod and Camille Saint-Saëns from a similar period. The award-winning choir is able to present all its tonal richness and refinement, sometimes conducted by its long-standing conductor Gudrun Schröfel, sometimes by her successor Andreas Felber. Another source of inspiration for Arrangers Tarkmann was the Ensemble Oktoplus, with whom he worked several times and for whom he wrote the instrumental part. At its core it consists of eight musicians who expand their line-up as needed, but orientate themselves on Schubert’s famous octet D 803. Orchestral colourfulness in a relatively small instrumentation is the tonal result and thus a perfect support for the differentiated choir.

Romantic Choral Music for Christmas
arranged by Andreas N. Tarkmann
Max Reger (1873-1916) ZWEI WEIHNACHTSLIEDER**
1. Mariä Wiegenlied op. 76, No. 52 (Text: Martin Boelitz) 2:10
2. Ehre sei Gott in der Höhe (Text: Ludwig Hamann) 5:22
arranged for solo soprano, female choir (girls’ choir) & chamber ensemble
Engelbert Humperdinck (1854-1921) FÜNF WEIHNACHTSLIEDER*
3. An das Christkind (Text: Hella Karstein) 1:37
4. Das Licht der Welt (Text: Otto Jakobi) 1:54
5. Gesang der Heiligen Drei Könige (Text: Gustav Falke) 1:32
6. Christkindleins Wiegenlied (Text from Des Knaben Wunderhorn, 17. Jh.) 2:59
7. Weihnachten (Text: Adelheid Wette) 2:56
arranged for female choir (girls’ choir) & chamber ensemble
Peter Cornelius (1824-1874) WEIHNACHTSLIEDER op. 8**
8. Christbaum 1:53
9. Die Hirten 2:27
10. Die Könige 2:16
11. Simeon 2:13
12. Christus der Kinderfreund 2:23
13. Christkind 1:59
(Text: Peter Cornelius)
arranged for female choir (girls’ choir) & chamber ensemble
Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827)
14. ZWÖLF VARIATIONEN über ein Thema aus Judas Maccabäus von Händel
arranged for chamber ensemble
Charles Gounod (1818-1893)
15. NOËL* (Text: Jules Barbier)
arranged for solo soprano, solo alto, female choir (girls’ choir) and chamber ensemble
Camille Saint-Saëns (1835-1921)
16. PRÉLUDE DE NOËL (Oratorio de Noël, op.12, 1)
arranged for chamber ensemble
Adolphe Adam (1803-1856)
17. CANTIQUE DE NOËL* (Text: Placide Cappeau)
arranged for solo soprano, female choir (girls’ choir) and chamber ensemble
Total time: 52:06
* conducted by Gudrun Schröfel
** conducted by Andreas Felber

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