“In my opinion, however, the art of lecturing only begins when you understand how to read between the lines, when you draw the unspoken into the light.” The quotation by Max Reger, one of her favourite composers, does not only stand for the interpretation approach of Anna Sophie Dauenhauer and Lukas Maria Kuen; in the case of this new recording one can take it almost literally:
The duo plays songs by Reger in their own arrangements for violin and piano and traces emotional facets with stupendous sensitivity. The songs are complemented by the late original Sonata op. 109, of which a contemporary critic wrote: “Reger’s genius has long ceased to be so convincing and powerful, so outstanding”. About a hundred years earlier, Franz Schubert wrote three works, trivially called “Sonatines” by the publisher, which in reality are highly sophisticated gems and round off the dreamlike programme.

Max Reger (1873-1916)
Sonata for violin and piano in C minor op. 139
1. I Con passione 9:37
2. II Largo 6:22
3. III Vivace 4:37
4. IV Andantino con variazioni 11:59
5. Wiegenlied op. 43 1:57
6. Frühlingsmorgen op. 51 No. 11 2:05
7. Ruhe op. 62 No. 3
Track 5 – 7 arr. Duo Dauenhauer Kuen
Franz Schubert (1797-1828)
Sonatina No. 1 in D major op. post. 137 No. 1 D 384
8. I Allegro molto 4:49
9. II Andante 4:29
10. III Allegro vivace 4:36
Sonatina No. 3 in G minor op. post. 137 No. 3 D 408
11. I Allegro giusto 5:02
12. II Andante 4:55
13. III Menuetto e Trio 2:58
14. IV Allegro Moderato 4:33
Total time: 1:10:29


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