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Even if Robert Schumann and Ernst Krenek have nothing in common biographically or stylistically, there are amazing parallels in their mentality: For both of them, music was a kind of therapy; both of them had an equal interest in music and literature since young childhood. This circumstance was reason enough for the Tajik violist Tatjana Masurenko to juxtapose the two composers on her new COVIELLO production ‘Just a Motion on the Air’. Once again it becomes clear why the viola professor is one of the most important representatives of her instrument, so passionately and energetically does she make music with her Testore viola from Mozart’s birthyear.

Ernst Krenek (1900-1991)
Arranged by Tatjana Masurenko for viola
1. Vocalise für Stimme und Klavier, W. o. 0. 83 (1934) 2:40
Robert Schumann (1810-1856)
Adagio & Allegro, As-Dur, Op. 70
originally for pianoforte and horn
2. l. Langsam, mit innigem Ausdruck 2:52
3. ll. Rasch und feurig 4:26
Ernst Krenek
Sonata for viola and piano, Op. 117 (1948)
4. Andante 4:26
5. Allegro vivace 1:54
6. Andantino 3:09
Robert Schumann
from: A Women’s Love and Life, Op. 42
7. Nr. 4 „Du Ring an meinem Finger“ 2:11
8. Nr. 2 „Er, der Herrlichste von Allen“ 2:36
Ernst Krenek
Sonata for viola solo
9. Allegro moderato, energico 4:01
10. Adagio 2:06
11. Scherzo, vivace 2:33
12. Chaconne, Allegro con vigore 3:24
Robert Schumann
Fairy tale pictures: four pieces for pianoforte and viola, Op. 113
13. Nicht schnell 2:54
14. Lebhaft 3:48
15. Rasch 2:39
16. Langsam, mit melancholischem Ausdruck 4:13
Ernst Krenek
Three Songs from Five Songs after words by Franz Kafka for voice and piano, Op. 82
17. Nr. 1 „ Nur ein Wort, nur eine Bitte“ 1:27
18. Nr. 3 „Noch spielen die Jagdhunde im Hof“ 0:37
19. Nr. 5 „Ach, was wird uns hier bereitet?“ 2:08
Robert Schumann
20. Nr. 9 „Mit Myrten und Rosen“ aus Liederkreis, Op. 24 2:58
21. Nr. 10 „Stille Tränen“ aus 12 Gedichte, Op. 35 2:26
22. Nr. 1 „Widmung“ aus Myrthen, Op. 25 2:06
Total time: 1:01:34

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