COV 91903

Katharina Held ⋅ soprano (Nr 10 & 11)
Maria Rüssel ⋅ alto (Nr 10 & 11)
Ulf-Guido Schäfer ⋅ clarinet (Nr 4, 12 & 15)

Lena Kutzner ⋅ soprano (Savitri)
Benjamin Bruns ⋅ tenor (Satyavan)
Ryszard Kalus ⋅ bass (Tod)

Andreas N. Tarkmann calls his latest work “Daughter of the Sun – Inca Cantata” – a film about the old town Machu Picchu rediscovered in 1911 gave him the idea. In the Inca culture, the “sun virgins” were young girls who were snatched from their families at an early age, who lived isolated in a monastery and were responsible for the development of the religious sun cult.
From this historical tradition, librettist Markus Pohlmeyer developed a series of sixteen songs which, although fictitious, credibly tell the life of the daughters of the Sun from their point of view. Tarkmann developed his own musical language, which he wrote especially for the Mädchenchor Hannover. Gustav Holst’s chamber opera “Savitri” is an excellent addition – it goes back to an episode from the old Indian epic of the same name. Under the direction of Gudrun Schröfel, the Girls’ Choir is able to bring its tonal strengths to bear in both works.

Andreas N. Tarkmann (*1956): “daughters of the sun” – An Inca cantata
Libretto: Markus Pohlmeyer
1. „Schwer schreitet der junge Morgen” 6:36
2. „Und mein Mund?” 1:18
3. “Wir weben und weben” 2:29
4. „Nur einmal frei sein“ 2:43
5. „Mein Freund” 2:48
6. „Von würdigen Ahnen” 1:15
7. „Still ist es in diesem Haus” 3:48
8. „Auf den Berg ziehen wir” 1:37
9. „Ein Fest wollen wir feiern” 2:46
10. „ … und dann die großen, jungen Krieger” 1:44
11. „Und wenn der kalte Abend” 2:02
12. „Gegangen ist meine Sonn’ “ 4:32
13. „Ihr Töchter, ihr meine Schwestern” 3:46
14. „Gekommen nun meine letzte Nacht” 4:22
15. „Dunkel schreitet der Abend” 5:48
16. „Jubeln lasst uns Vater Sonne” 1:15
Gustav Holst (1874-1934): Savitri – chamber opera, op. 25
17. “Savitri, Savitri” 4:20
18. “Greetings to thee, my loving Savitri” 7:38
19. “I am with thee, my arms around thee” 5:43
20. “Then enter Lord, dwell with me” 6:08
21. “Death the just one, whose word ruleth all” 3:23
22. “Savitri, is it thou?” 4:49
Total time: 1:20:52

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