COV 92205

Capricornus Ensemble Stuttgart
Katharina Heutjer,
Cosimo Stawiarski · violin
Johannes Frisch · viola
Christine Wiegräbe · cello
Sebastian Wienand · harpsichord
Henning Wiegräbe · trombone, shepherd horn and musical direction

Today, the musical city of Salzburg basks in the glory of its most famous son, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. He was born into a very music-friendly environment: from 1753 to 1771, the city was ruled by Archbishop Sigismund III, who particularly promoted music and generously sponsored the travels of the young Mozart and his family – in contrast to his thrifty successor Count Colloredo, who eventually drove Mozart out of Salzburg. In his childhood, however, his father Leopold and the young Michael Haydn were formative figures in Salzburg’s musical life; two men who shared a problem: They stood in the shadow of even more prominent relatives. Leopold was in the shadow of his son, who was known as a child prodigy, and Michael was in the shadow of his world-famous brother Joseph. Works by these two and the very young “Wolferl” show the playful, light elegance that prevailed in Salzburg during this period of early classical music – especially in works involving the shepherd’s horn, a Salzburg speciality that Henning Wiegräbe masters with virtuosity.

Leopold Mozart (1719 – 1787)
aus / from: Serenata D-Dur
Sign. V 1451, entstanden wahrscheinlich 1762 /
Serenata D-Major Sign. V 1451, composed probably around 1762
1. Allegro 4:02
2. Adagio 3:21
3. Menuetto 3:29
4. Presto 3:29
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756 – 1791)
Sonate für Cembalo, Violine und Violoncello F-Dur (KV 13, entstanden 1764) /
Sonata for harpsichord, violin and cello in F Major (KV 13, composed 1764)
5. Allegro 5:41
6. Andante 5:02
7. Menuetto 1:56
Michael Haydn (1745 – 1806)
8. Andantino aus / from: Divertimento in D (entstanden 1764) / composed 1764) 7:03
9. Larghetto (Perger Nr. 34, entstanden wahrscheinlich 1763 /
composed probably 1763)
Leopold Mozart
Trio für Cembalo, Violine und Violoncello A-Dur
(LMV XI:3, entstanden vermutlich ca. 1750) / Trio for harpsichord, violin and
cello in A Major (LMV XI:3, composed probably around 1750)
10. Allegro molto 4:42
11. Andante 4:01
12. Menuet-Trio 4:31
Sinfonia Pastorale con Corno Pastoricio
(entstanden ca. / composed around 1755)
13. Allegro 4:10
14. Andante 3:49
15. Presto 2:47
Total time: 1:04:38

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