Mozart’s early bassoon concerto KV 191 is one of the best known of its kind, offering the soloist a lot of opportunities to show off their virtuoso skills effectively. Together with the popular Piano Concerto KV 467, the soloists and the argovia philharmonic present themselves as outstandingly well-rehearsed team players on this recording.

Das argovia philharmonic auf dem Helikopterlandeplatz der Hirslandenklinik Aarau Aarau, den 06.05.2016 Foto: Priska Ketterer/ argovia philharmonic
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)
Klavierkonzert C-Dur / Piano Concerto in C major, KV 467
1 I Allegro maestoso 14:10
2 II Andant 5:04
3 III Allegro vivace assai 6:52
Fagottkonzert B-Dur / Bassoon Concerto in B flat major, KV 191
4 I Allegro 7:11
5 II Andante ma adagio 6:18
6 III Rondo: Tempo di menuetto 4:08
Total time: 43:45

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