COV 92014

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart attested “the most wonderful effect” to the melodramas of his colleague and contemporary Georg Anton Benda, and indeed the combination of spoken texts with dramatic music unfolds a high emotional intensity. This is especially true when the texts are brought to life by a voice as incisive as that of the famous actress Katharina Thalbach. In his melodrama, Benda presents an incredibly modern version of the ancient tragedy, in which he focuses on the only female main character. This focus and the fast, delicate interplay of text and music make it possible to develop a conflict-laden and contradictory character psychogram with an unusual presence. Marcus Bosch and the Cappella Aquileia accompany this new discovery of classical music theatre with their usual precise and transparent sound.

Georg Anton Benda (1722 – 1795)
1. Eingang 1:40
2. Erster Auftritt
„Vertrauter Wohnsitz! “
3. Zweyter Auftritt
Marsch von ferne
4. Dritter Auftritt
„Wie er auf diesem Wagen thronte! “
5. Vierter Auftritt
„Kommt, meine Geliebten! Der Augenblick ist günstig.“
6. Fünfter Auftritt
„O, meine Kinder! “
7. Sechster Auftritt
„Und das elendeste der geschaffnen Wesen! “
8. Siebender Auftritt
„Wo bin ich? “
9. Achter Auftritt
„Jason! “
Total time: 44:15

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