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Carl Friedrich Rudorff shares with many other musical masters of his time the fate of being known today only to a small audience of experts – although this looked quite different during his lifetime: After all, in 1796 he was awarded a burial of the second-highest category, which only belonged to high dignitaries and publicly recognized personalities. Rudorff was a sought-after teacher, choirmaster and composer who held an important public office as cantor figuralis. His works are only partially preserved and represent the early classical, sensitive style. The comparison with the older and better known colleagues, the Bach sons Carl Philipp Emanuel and Wilhelm Friedemann as well as the royal Prussian court composer Johann Joachim Quantz – all three also closely related to Göttingen – proves the vitality of the music scene in the then Central German province.


Ach, daß du den Himmel zerrissest · BR‑WFB F 3 ; FK 93
1. I Chor: Ach, daß du den Himmel zerrissest 1:30
2. II Rezitativ: Der alten Väter heißes Sehnen ist nun erfüllt 1:47
3. III Arie: Willkommen, Erlöser der Erden 8:22
4. IV Rezitativ: Da alles sich erfreut 1:29
5. V Arie: Rüstet euch, erboste Feinde 4:57
6. VI Choral: Schweig arger Feind 1:11
Lobet ihr Himmel den Herrn * · CFR-WV 6
7. I Chor: Lobet ihr Himmel den Herrn! 3:22
8. II Rezitativ: Auch euch schuf er, der alles schuf 1:54
9. III Arie: Mein Glück von Gott mir hier beschieden 7:06
10. IV Chor: Lobet ihr Himmel den Herrn! 1:33
Flötenkonzert G Dur QV 5:174
11. I Allegro assai 5:54
12. II Arioso e mesto 5:26
13. III Presto 4:47
Herr! Thue meine Lippen auf * · CFR-WV 13
14. I Chor: Herr! thue meine Lippen auf 2:45
15. II Rezitativ: Wer kann o Schöpfer deine Güte 1:05
16. III Arie: Lobsinge Gott, lobsinge Gott 7:01
17. IV Chor: Drum preise mein Gemüthe 1:03
Sinfonie C-Dur Für 2 Flöten, 2 Hörner, Streicher und Continuo, WQ. 174
18. I Allegro assai 3:28
19. II Andante 3:10
20. III Allegro 2:39
Lobet den Herrn, lobet ihr Knechte des Herrn * · CFR-WV 14
21. I Soli: Lobet den Herrn, lobet ihr Knechte des Herrn 2:03
22. II Chor: Wir freun uns unsern Gott zu loben 2:34
23. III Soli: Von Morgen bis zum Abend 2:43
24. IV Chor: Wir freuen uns den Herrn zu loben 1:26
Total time: 1:19:29
* World Premiere Recording
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