„Thorsten Encke has created a wonderful collection of extremly associative and clearly defined character pieces with his Aprèsludes. The multi-layered music fires the imagination and is a rewarding challenge for listeners and pianists alike. I very much enjoyed working on these pieces; they are not only a real pleasure to play, but also take me on a wonderful journey on which I can encounter Debussy. From D‘autre part via Ombres-tristesse, Un beau brin de fille, Monsieur Croche-Double Croche and Cloches up to the impetuosity of Bateau-ivre we are repeatedly confronted with extreme opposites. Spontaneity and freedom are juxtaposed by mechanical severity. Individual motifs from Debussy‘s Préludes flash up. The subtlest pianissimo passages, tender glissandos and bell-like sounds are ‚pushed aside‘ in the next movement by brusque martellato chord clusters, and the consistent utilisation of the sostenuto pedal leaves behind vibrant traces of sound. An intensely individual music which perpetuates Debussy‘s concept of new tonal aesthetics in our time.“ (Julia Bartha)

(c) Lukas Beck
Claude Debussy (1862-1918)
Préludes – Premier Livre | Band I | Book I (1909 -1910)
1. I Danseuses de Delphes. Lent et grave 3:16
2. II Voiles. Modéré 3:33
3. III Le vent dans la plaine. Animé 2:00
4. IV Les sons et les parfums tournent dans l’air du soir. Modéré 3:22
5. V Les collines d’Anacapri. Très modéré 3:07
6. VI VI. Des pas sur la neige. Triste et lent 4:11
7. VII Ce qu’a vu le vent d’ouest. Animé et tumultueux 3:24
8. VIII La fi lle aux cheveux de lin. Très calme et doucement expressif 2:23
9. IX La sérénade interrompue. Modérément animé 2:24
10. X La cathédrale engloutie. Profondément calme 5:08
11. XI La danse de Puck. Capricieux et léger 2:32
12. XII Minstrels. Modéré 2:09
Total time Debussy: 37:30
Thorsten Encke (*1966)
Aprèsludes für Klavier solo | for piano solo (2008, 2017)
13. I D’autre part. Ritmico e con fantasia 4:14
14. II Ombres – tristesse. Esitando e liberamente, quasi improvisando 3:32
15. III Un beau brin de fi lle. Rubato e capricciosamente 4:06
16. IV Monsieur Croche – Double Croche. Leggiero e scherzando 3:17
17. V Cloches. Lontano 4:57
18. VI Bateau – ivre. In modo d’una toccata, vivace 5:05
Total time Encke: 25:09

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