COV 91806

Wagner himself valued his early choral composition “Das Liebesmahl der Apostel” (The Love meal of the Apostles) from 1843 just as an “occasional composition” and he not only suppresses the incontestable success of the premiere performance but also the uncommon printing of the work straight after it. Furthermore experts will notice that Wagner later has taken up the conception of this work in “Meistersinger” and “Parsifal”. Reason enough for Marcus Bosch and the Staatsphilharmonie Rheinland-Pfalz to include this unfairly forgotten work besides “Vorspiel” (Prelude) and “Karfreitagszauber” (The magic of Good Friday) to this recording.

Richard Wagner 1813–1883
1. Parsifal: Vorspiel 12:56
2. Das Liebesmahl der Apostel 25:58
3. Parsifal: Karfreitagszauber 11:23
Total time: 50:18

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