A BBC comedian once quoted a member of the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival as saying, “The problem with new music is often that it sounds like a box of children’s toys falling down the stairs.” The Riot Ensemble adopted this quote with humor and presents a ‘toy box’ with contemporary works by Thomas Kotcheff, Monica Pearce, Michael Cryne, Utku Asuroglu, Anna Thorvaldsdottir, Franco Donatoni, Jack Sheen, and music selected from their 2016 Call for Scores: Lee Westood, Yukiko Watanabe and Heather Stebbins.

1. Death, Hocket and Roll by Thomas Kotcheff 3:57
Adam Swayne & Claudia Maria Racovicean, Toy Pianos
2. Florescence by Lee Westwood 12:04
Kate Walter, Flutes; Pétur Jónasson, Electric Guitar
Adam Swayne & Claudia Maria Racovicean, Piano
Fontane Liang, Harp; Stephen Upshaw, Viola
Sarah Mason, Percussion; Aaron Holloway-Nahum, Conductor
3. Kandinsky by Monica Pearce 2:31
Sarah Dacey, Soprano; Claudia Maria Racovicean, Toy Piano
4. Television continuity poses: I by Jack Sheen 1:55
Kate Walter, Flutes; Ausias Garrigos, Clarinets
Claudia Maria Racovicean, Piano; Stephen Upshaw, Viola
Sarah Saviet, Solo Violin
Aaron Holloway-Nahum, Conductor
5. Hayır l ı Olsun by Utku Așuroğlu 6:59
Andy Connington, Trombone; Sarah Mason, Percussion
Goska Isphording, Harpsichord; Adam Swayne, Piano
Aaron Holloway-Nahum, Conductor
6. In My Room by Yukiko Watanabe 8:32
(Performers as in track 2)
7. Ursa Minor by Heather Stebbins 3:34
Adam Swayne & Claudia Maria Racovicean, Piano
8. Television continuity poses: IIIa by Jack Sheen 3:30
(Performers as in track 4)
9. Shades of Silence by Anna Þorvaldsdóttir 9:57
Sarah Saviet, Violin; Stephen Upshaw, Viola
Louise McMonagle, Cello; Goska Isphording, Harpsichord
10. Toy – Movt I by Franco Donatoni 1:22
Sarah Saviet & Kaya Kuwabara, Violins
Stephen Upshaw, Viola; Goska Isphording, Harpsichord
Celia’s Toyshop by Michael Cryne
11. Movt I – Clockwork Nightingale 2:02
12. Movt II – Neon Butterflies 3:51
13. Movt III – Puzzle Book 3:21
14. Movt IV – Marionettes 2:07
15. Movt V – Midnight in the Doll’s House 3:22
Kate Walter, Flutes; Ausias Garrigos, Clarinets
Sarah Mason, Percussion; Claudia Maria Racovicean, Piano
Sarah Saviet, Violin; Sophie Rivlin, Cello
Aaron Holloway-Nahum, Conductor
Total time: 1:09:14

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