After being celebrated in London on his first great journey, Joseph Haydn returned to Vienna with a lot of new impressions. Especially the powerful and rich English piano sound seemed to appeal to him. Therefore the new composed Andante in F minor, which clearly surpasses the framework of lust and drama that Haydn used up to then. The same can be said for the so-called English sonatas, the last piano works that he composed in 1794 during the second London trip.

JOSEPH HAYDN (1732-1809)
Variations in F minor Hob. XVII:6
1. Andante con variazioni
(Sonata · Un piccolo divertimento)
Sonata in E flat major Hob. XVI:52
2. Allegro 7:56
3. Adagio 6:20
4. Presto 6:02
W. A. MOZART (1756-1791)
5. Fantasia in C minor KV 475 12:48
Sonata in C minor KV 457
6. Molto Allegro 8:34
7. Adagio 8:08
8. Allegro assai 5:06
Total time: 1:10:42

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