Bruckner himself gave his Fourth Symphony the nickname “Romantic”. Emblematic for this is the central role of the horn, which the composer gave to the instrument in this work. As the “romantic” instrument par excellence, it is in this epoch for nature yearning, wanderlust, but also farewell. Marcus Bosch and the Aachen Symphony Orchestra continue the extremely successful series of their Bruckner recordings with their most popular and catchy symphony. However, we can not hear the revised version, which is almost exclusively used today, but the original version of 1874. Rugged breaks, sudden general pauses, and the “organism” in Bruckner’s orchestral style – all of these characteristic peculiarities of the work are much more clearly expressed and made in this original version Recording on an interesting alternative.

“… a fresh, porous Bruckner, as it were. The recording is another stretch of the independent Bruckner path that Marcus Bosch and his Aachen orchestra have self-confidently and resolutely taken, far from the major centers.“
(Symphony No. 4 – Musik & Theater 5/2009)

Anton Bruckner (1824-1896)
Symphony No. 4 in E flat major, ‘Romantic’ (Original Version from 1874)
1. I Allegro 18:59
2. II Andante quasi Allegretto 18:33
3. III Sehr schnell – Trio. Im gleichen Tempo 12:39
4. IV Allegro moderato 18:45
Total time: 1:08:56


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