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The story of the birth of Christ has always been the most popular and was already reflected in the Renaissance in a rich song – especially in the Mediterranean countries. Many composers have taken up these folk songs and processed them in elaborate polyphonic arrangements. “Villancicos”, Spanish peasant songs from the 15th and 16th centuries, are as effective in this new recording as Renaissance songs from different regions of Italy. The Capella della Torre, highly acclaimed for their recent releases, offers Christmas atmosphere of a completely different, Mediterranean style on their new CD.

“… a completely convincing performance that brings great pleasure. This Christmas is really merry!“
(Christine Schiemann in: NDR Kultur „Neue CDs“ 28.11.2008)

“… an extremely effective addition (or alternative) to the usual Christmas music.“
(Bernhard Schrammek in: rbb kulturradio 4.12.2008)

1. Dadme albrícias 2:07
2. Ostinato vos seguire 2:15
3. Yo me soy la morenica 2:28
4. Bella de vos som amoros 3:13
5. Vos virgen soys nuestra madre 2:12
6. No la devemos dormir 1:59
7. Un niño nos es nasçido 1:45
8. Verbum caro factum est 1:33
9. Ave virgo sanctissima 2:25
10. Reyna muy esclarescida 1:53
11. Alta Reina soberana 1:42
12. Vergine sacra 2:14
13. Señores el qu‘es nasçido 1:22
14. A los maytines era 3:05
15. Qué bonito Niño chiquito! 3:34
16. Falalalan falalera 2:08
17. Quando nascette nino 3:06
18. Que farem del pobre Joan 1:56
19. A un niño llorando al hielo 3:24
20. Rey a quien reyes adoran 1:58
21. Virgen bendita sin par 1:49
22. Pastores si nos quereis 1:55
23. Riu, riu chiu 3:25
24. Los Reyes siguen la estrella 2:54
25. Lirum bilirum lirum lirum 1:48
26. Al resplandor d’ una estrella 3:25
27. E la don don 4:02
Total time: 58:28

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