Already in ancient times people played with the proximity of love and war. Thus the goddess of love Venus deceives her husband Vulcanus with the god of war Mars, and the Roman poet Ovid writes in his Amores the winged word: “Militat omnis amans” (Every lover is a soldier in war). These conditions were also reflected musically in modern times, when the masters of the 16th century emphasized sometimes more the warlike, sometimes more the amorous playfulness of love in their works. In its latest CD for COVIELLO, the Ensemble thélème also unfolds a fascinating panorama of musical states of mind of past times.

Annie DufresneDessus
Julien FreymuthSuperius/Haute-contre
Lior LeiboviciContratenor/Haute-contre
Ivo HaunTenor/Taille, Luth et Percussion
Breno QuinderéTaille
Jean-Christophe GroffeBassus/Basse-contre et Direction
Ziv Braha Luth et Viole de Gambe
Alexandra Polin Viole de Gambe
Elizabeth Rumsey Viole de Gambe
Tore Eketorp Viole de Gambe
Ryosuke SakamotoLuth et Viole de Gambe

Clément Janequin (1485-1558) & Claude Le Jeune (1530-1600)
1. Le chant de l’Alouette (Paris, Ballard, 1603) 3:59
Clément Janequin
2. J’ay dict, j’ay faict (Paris, Attaingant, 1543) 1:23
3. Au joly jeu du pousse avant (Paris, Attaingant, 1529) 2:22
Claude Le Jeune
4. Fuyons tous d’amour le jeu (Paris, Ballard, 1612) 1:35
Nicolas Vallet (1583-1642)
5. Est-ce Mars et Courante de Mars (Le Secret des Muses, Amsterdam, 1616) 2:11
Clément Janequin & Claude Le Jeune
6. Le chant du Rossignol (Paris, Ballard, 1603) 9:00
Claude Le Jeune
7. Premiere Fantasie (Paris, Ballard, 1612) 6:27
8. Ô voix, ô de nos voix (Paris, Ballard, 1612) 5:10
Pierre Attaingnant (1494-1552)
9. Prelude (Paris, Attaingant, 1529) 1:05
Clément Janequin
10. Ô mal d’aymer (Paris, Attaingant, 1544) 3:08
11. Pavane la Bataille (Musicque de Joye, Lyon, Moderne, 1550) 2:00
Claude Le Jeune
12. « Arm’, arm’ » – la guerre (Paris, Ballard, 1608) 18:37
Pierre Guédron (1570-1620)
13. Puisque les ans n’ont qu’un printemps (Paris, Ballard, 1617) 1:36
Total time: 58:33


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