This music knows when to be gentle, when to be harsh; when to quiet down, when to erupt; it knows when to change, and it knows when to be still. A meticulously designed sonic organism that is living, breathing, and evolving._ Makiko_ is listening. The keyboards take on many guises: at times a percussion instrument, a harp, a banjo, or a guitar, and at times a bit-crushed, distorted electronic voice – all forming a virtual orchestra that speaks in many tongues. Transformations of instrumental color and harmonic space form a thread across the album, but, decidedly, not a goal-oriented narrative. There are rare precious moments where_the composer_pans an instrument from one ear to the other, very gradually. It is a beautiful sensation especially when listening with headphones. As I hear this, I imagine a clavichord and its player fl oating in the air, across the horizon. This music celebrates the beauty of subtlety, of limitations, of focus and persistence – it celebrates the complex sound world and the range of expression that these magical instruments o_ er. It is a playful music, constructed with_Makiko’s_original and genuine language.

clavics-more (2018-2020)
1. clavics-more 3 9:45
2. clavics-more 4 8:33
3. clavics-more 5 6:31
carta marina more (2018-2020)
4. carta marina more 1 9:13
5. carta marina more 2 8:11
6. carta marina more 3 8:58
7. carta marina more 4 7:58
Total time: 59:32

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