Throughout the recital, voices from a diverse range of American communities are heard. These include African American composer Karen Walwyn, gay New York composer David Del Tredici and a brand new work by Kevin Malone: “Sudden Memorials”, which aims to capture in sound the instant and fleeting memorials that friends and relatives leave at the scene of a tragedy. The work embraces polystylism to a large extent, bringing further voices into the narrative. Alongside three pioneering works by Henry Cowell, a very slow piece by Scott Joplin called “Solace” completes the programme by challenging the white stereotype projected onto this composer during the twentieth century. This is Adam Swayne’s second album for Coviello; the first “(speak to me)” having gained a BBC Instrumental Choice.

Karen Walwyn: Reflections on 9/11
1. No. 3 – Anguish 4:44
2. No. 6 – Burial 5:12
Henry Cowell
3. The Tides of Manaunaun 4:18
4. Fabric 1:28
5. Aeolian Harp 2:56
Kevin Malone: Sudden Memorials
6. Part 1 15:33
7. Part 2 16:39
8. Scott Joplin: Solace 7:23
9. David Del Tredici: Missing Towers 4:24
Total time: 1:02:41

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