COV 92105

They offer such interesting blends of timbre that one wonders why they have become so rare on concert stages in the meantime: Songs that are accompanied not only by the piano but also by another instrument. In order not to compete too much with solo singing, instruments in the middle voice ranges lend themselves to these trio songs, such as viola or horn in our production. In the first half of the nineteenth century, the genre was so popular that even composer celebrities such as Franz Schubert and Johannes Brahms made individual contributions; but many were also penned by little-known or even unknown colleagues, among whom there are many a hidden gem to be discovered. The male quartet Burkhart / Koch / Lamotke / Kaldewei brings works by František Škroup, Wilhelm Kleinecke and Heinrich Proch to the recording medium for the first time and ensures a real enrichment of the repertoire.

1. Franz Schubert · Auf dem Strom D 943 7:52
Frank Bridge · Three Songs for Medium Voice, Viola and Piano (1907)
2. I Far, far from each other 3:20
3. II Where is it that our soul doth go? 3:15
4. III Music, when soft voices die 2:01
5. František Škroup · Liebes Thal, op. 15 2:40
6. František Škroup · An den Abendstern, op. 6 3:37
7. Franz Schubert, viola part arranged by Malte Koch · Nachtviolen D 752 2:27
Wilhelm Kleinecke · Zwei Lieder, op. 5
8. I Abenddämmerung 4:17
9. II Mein Herz ist im Hochland 3:40
Henri Marteau · 5 Schilflieder, op. 31 für Bariton, Viola und Klavier
10. I Drüben ging die Sonne scheiden 3:05
11. II Trübe wird‘s, die Wolken jagen 1:09
12. III Auf geheimem Waldespfade 2:10
13. IV Sonnenuntergang 1:44
14. V Auf dem Teich 2:20
15. Heinrich Proch · An die Sterne 2:54
16. Otto Nicolai · Die Thräne 4:42
17. Johannes Brahms · Gestillte Sehnsucht, op. 91,1 5:43
Gesamtspielzeit: 57:05

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