Miriam Terragni and her piano partner Catherine Sarasin excavated real finds. It began with Max Meyer-Olbersleben’s great flute sonata, which they came across in a Basel antiquarian bookshop – quite rightly Terragni finds it incomprehensible that this great romantic bravura piece is not part of the repertoire of many flutists. Equally little known is the violin virtuoso and Wagner fan August Wilhelmj, who arranged an album sheet by the revered master and composed a violin ballad, both of which Terragni here transfers to the flute. The soloists were complemented by the French soloists, who have always been more attracted to the flute: Here, too, little known and today mostly unpublished works by Lili Boulanger, Léon Moreau, Louis Masson and Victor Alphonse Duvernoy show that there are still unknown treasures to be found in the cosmos of music – with one common feature that is decisive for the duo: “All pieces are characterized by an imaginative, colorful and free compositional style.

Fantasie-Sonate A-Dur / in A major, Op. 17
1. I Lebhaft 6:59
2. II Ständchen 5:44
3. III Bacchanale 7:58
RICHARD WAGNER (1813-1883) (arr. August Wilhelmj)
4. Romanze nach dem Albumblatt /
Romance after Album Leaf WWV 94 *
5. Ballade * 8:18
6. Ballade gis-Moll für Klavier /
in G flat minor for piano, Op. 9
LILI BOULANGER (1893-1918)
7. Pièce * 1:42
8. Nocturne 2:47
LÉON MOREAU (1870-1946)
9. Dans la forêt enchantée * 11:02
10. Valse Lente * 3:25
Deux Morceaux, Op. 41 *
11. I Lamento 4:13
12. II Intermezzo 2:22
Total time: 1:05:10
* World premiere recording

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