Paper Kite
Marie Heeschen ⋅ soprano
Antonio De Sarlo, Rafael Roth ⋅ violin
Guillermo Turina ⋅ violoncello
Felix Schönherr ⋅ harpsichord

An abandoned person remembers the once so happy time, laments his suffering and begs for the lost beloved. A scene that has inspired poets and composers time and again; especially in the baroque era, its protagonists were often transported to the idealised pastoral and nymph world of Arcadia. This emotional world is not only present in opera, but also in the smaller form of the cantata. Three Italian composers of the 17th and early 18th centuries devoted themselves to the same theme, but in the different arrangement of their works they show exemplarily the development from the High to the Late Baroque. Giovanni Legrenzi, Giovanni Bononcini and Domenico Scarlatti succeed – after all, it is about nothing less than unconditional love until death – in expressing great emotions even on a smaller scale. The ensemble Paper Kite and soprano Marie Heeschen portray them with passion and precision.

Giovanni Legrenzi (1626-1690)
1. Cantata Cinzia, dolente e mesto 13:21
2. Sonata in g La Bevilacqua op. 8/6 4:38
Giovanni Bononcini (1670-1747)
Sonata 3 in D from Twelve Sonatas for the Chamber
3. I Largo – Spiritoso 2:47
4. II Lento 1:58
5. III Vivace 1:17
6. IV Menuet non Presto 0:35
7. V Vivace da capo 1:26
Cantata Barbara Ninfa Ingrata
8. I Preludio. Allegro 1:39
9. II Largo 2:12
10. III Menuet 1:04
11. IV Recitativo 0:50
12. V Aria Largo 3:48
13. VI Recitativo 0:56
14. VII Aria Andante, ma non Presto 2:52
Domenico Scarlatti (1685-1757)
Cantata O qual meco Nice cangiata
15. I Introduzione alla Cantata Allegrissimo 4:06
16. II Cantabile Andante 1:12
17. III Allegro 0:55
18. IV Recitativo 1:05
19. V Aria Cantabile Andante 7:33
20. VI Recitativo 1:22
21. VII Aria Allegro 5:31
Total time: 1:01:18

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