A requiem in the form of three solo concertos seems unusual, since this genre is traditionally closely linked to the associated liturgical text. Christian Jost’s, however, is free of this, even of religious ties in the narrower sense. He sees in his work a “symbolisation of the primordial constellation of human existence”, and this tension between individual and environment is depicted in the three concertos. Sources of inspiration are, for example, the biography of the trumpeter Chet Baker, who died at an early age, or world political events of recent years. Only in its entirety does it become a comprehensive contemplation of the eternal and the finite, an abstract requiem on the meta-level.

Christian Jost (*1963)
Requiem Trilogy
1. Pietà in memoriam Chet Baker 24:39
2. Dies irae 18:54
3. Lux aeterna 22:17


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