The two cello sonatas by Johannes Brahms can be considered examples of the stylistic transformation that shaped his career as a composer. The Sonata op 38, composed for the most part in 1862, is the work of a not yet thirty-year-old and is characterized by intense Romantic expression. The Sonata op 99, on the other hand, composed in 1886, displays the uncompromising, at times sparse style of his later years.

Johannes Brahms (1833-1897)
Sonata for piano and violoncello in E minor op. 38 (1865)
1. I Allegro non troppo 13:24
2. II Allegretto quasi Menuetto – Trio 5:27
3. III Allegro 6:20
Sonata for piano and violoncello in F major op. 99 (1886)
4. I Allegro vivace 8:17
5. II Adagio affetuoso 6:28
6. III Allegro passionato – Tr io 7:02
7. IV Allegro molto 4:26
Total time: 51:26

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