COV 92003

When tuba player Siegfried Jung gave the composers the instruction to write a piece for this CD, he gave them the following task: “Write in the style of the folk music of your home country, so that it will be recognized by locals as a part of their culture.” The result fascinates not only by the richness of the sounds, but also by the unusual combination of tuba and harp in some of the works.

Siegfried Jung · Yasuko Kagen · Johanna Jung
1. GERARDO GARDELIN · El Inmortal · Fantasia en forma de tango
tuba, harp and piano
2. WILLI MÄRZ · Grotesker Landler
tuba and harp
3. YOJIRO MINAMI · Corazón de la fiesta
tuba and piano
4. SABIN PAUTZA · Joc de doi din Banat
tuba, harp and piano
5. ANDREA CSOLLÁNY · Ungarische Fantasie
tuba and piano
6. JOHN FRITH · My Bonny Lad
tuba and harp
7. MICHAEL SCHNEIDER · American Fantasy „A Tribute to Stephen Foster“
tuba and piano
8. WILLI MÄRZ · Danse agile
tuba and piano
Total time: 50:05

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