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Choral Work Recording of the Year
(choral/ensemble music 20th – 21st century) a cappella

In 1949, the Passionsbericht des Matthäus became a projection screen for the catastrophe of Germany’s recent past, which at the time was still unspeakable to many. Of course, this did not fail to have an effect on audiences and critics. Stefan Parkman and the Rundfunkchor Berlin ensure that Pepping’s account of the Passion is still stirring today. Incidentally, the work of the Rundfunkchor Berlin was recognized in 2008 with a Grammy for its recording of Brahms’ “Ein deutsches Requiem” in the choral music category.

Ernst Pepping (1901-1981)
1. Fürwahr er trug unsere Krankheit (Einleitung) 4:32
2. Verrat des Judas (Bericht) 0:58
3. Abendmahl 9:16
4. Jesus und Petrus 3:02
5. Gethsemane 6:59
6. Gefangennahme 4:37
7. Herr, bleibe bei uns (Intermedium) 6:40
8. Jesus vor dem Hohen Rat (Bericht) 6:53
9. Petri Verleugnung 3:18
10. Tod des Judas 3:19
11. Jesus vor Pilatus 3:00
12. Jesus vor dem Volke 5:01
13. Jesus und die Kriegsknechte 2:49
14. Golgatha 10:10
15. Im Anfang war das Wort (Schluss) 5:30
Total time: 1:16:11

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