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Although Johann Christian Bach and the violin virtuoso Carl Friedrich Abel lived together in a kind of bachelor living community in London until the marriage of Bach, Bach’s OEuvre for the gamba is surprisingly small. Through the discovery of an old manuscript it was confirmed for the quartets op. 8 what Thomas Fritzsch and others had already assumed: in the first version of the quartets the viola voice was played by Abel on the viola da gamba. Together with other excellent musicians, Fritzsch shows us how the charming quartets in their original version must have sounded.

“Thomas Fritzsch and his excellent fellow musicians show us how these enchanting quartets would have sounded in their original version.”
(CD-Empfehlung in: mdr klassik, 14.10.2017)

Quartetto I in C major Warb B 51
1. Allegro con Spirito 8:18
2. Minuetto 4:27
Quartetto II in D major Warb B 52
3. Andantino 4:30
4. Rondeaux. Allegro assai 3:11
Quartetto III in G major Warb B 55
5. Allegretto 8:22
6. Allegro Rondeaux 3:41
Quartetto IV in B flat major Warb B 56
7. Andante 10:06
8. Minuetto 5:55
Quartetto V in F major Warb B 54
9. Allegro 8:50
10. Minuetto con variazioni 5:33
Quartetto VI in E flat major Warb B 53
11. Largo 6:33
12. Allegro con Spirito 5:57
Total time: 1:15:23

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