COV 92020

Narrated in German

The three little pigs

Three little pigs set out to seek their fortune in the big wide world and experience a thrilling adventure! Porky is lively and carefree, Rosa is a dreamer and Trunk has a sense for the practical things in life. Everyone wants to settle down and build a house. But because of their different temperaments, the dwellings turn out very differently. Rosa builds her home from straw, Porky chooses wood and Trunk walls with stones. It doesn’t take long and the houses are put to a severe test. The bad wolf is after the little pigs and wants to eat them. Will Porky, Rosa and Trunk manage to escape the bad wolf? Only together and with cunning can they overcome this difficult challenge.

King Carrot (Le Roi Carrot)

King Carrot is a carrot with a quirk, a crazy root that lives in its fantasy world and bends reality until it suits it. The little megalomaniac carrot wants everyone in the garden to dance to her tune. But the other vegetables don’t let her do that and so conflicts arise. All the residents in the bed fear the vegetarian Madame Bollieau and her cook, who together are the horrors of the vegetable garden. King Carrot manages to rule his kingdom in the garden for a whole summer. But then a hare approaches him and suddenly it’s all or nothing for the self-appointed ruler… Will his roommates in the vegetable patch stand by his side and help him? In the end, the vegetables will become a world-famous dish and be reconciled with their fate. A brilliant adventure story with wit and suspense, in which a self-indulgent root vegetable becomes the navel of the world.

Die drei kleinen Schweinchen — Andreas N. Tarkmann
1. Ouvertüre 1:46
2. In einem Land, das zu schön ist, um wahr zu sein 3:28
3. Und so baute sich jeder ein eigenes, kleines Haus 1:03
4. Ein Haus aus Stroh 2:30
5. Der Wolf naht 7:19
6. Langsam wurde der Wolf ärgerlich 4:04
7. Die drei kleinen Schweinchen waren so froh 2:44
König Karotte — Jacques Offenbach / arr. Andreas N. Tarkmann
8. Introduktion 2:40
9. Gartenidyll 4:47
10. Königsmusik 1:56
11. Gemüsestreit 2:40
12. Küchenprozessionen 4:29
13. Lobgesang auf König Karotte 4:17
14. Sommergarten 2:36
15. Kaninchengalopp 2:44
16. Gemüsewalzer 4:51
17. König Karottes Abschiedslied 2:53
18. Finale: Farandole 1:43
Total time: 58:38

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