The Playfords
Björn Wernervoice
Annegret Fischerrecorders
Erik Warkenthinbaroque guitar, archlute, chitarrone
Benjamin Dreßlerviol
Nora Thielepercussion, colascione

On his album “Fa una canzone”, the Weimar ensemble The Playfords plays Italian hits of the 16th and 17th centuries and thus, as it were, embarks on the terrain of pop music – although it is also about the past centuries. As in the popular music of our time, the songs are sung about love, unbridled joy of life is heard in the dances. Cheerful and passionate, full of Mediterranean charm, these hits of yesteryear are masterfully performed by The Playfords.

“The Playfords are not concerned with using this material as a vehicle for presenting their own musical ideas. They are, however, remarkably successful in revealing the inner beauties that caused these songs and dances to become famous at the time; in so doing they have brought new life to this music of another time for today’s audiences.”
(Bernhard Morbach in: rbb kulturradio, 27.12.2011)

1. Ballo del granduca – Amor ch’attendi 5:04
2. Fa una canzona 3:28
3. An Italian Ground – La bella Pedrina – Tarantella 6:10
4. Chi passa per ‘sta strada 2:25
5. So ben mi chi ha buon tempo 2:51
6. Blame not my Lute – La gamba 5:48
7. Chiaccona in partite variate 3:21
8. Passamezzo moderno – L’innamorato – A lieta vita 4:31
9. Monicella mi farei 3:51
10. Green-Sleeves and Pudding-Pies 3:20
11. Gloria d’amore 1:28
12. Bizzaria d’amore 3:25
13. La scatola da gli agghi 2:54
14. Voltate in ça, do bella donzellina – Voltate in ça Rosina 4:09
15. La vida de Culin 2:59
16. Su, su, leva, alza le ciglia 1:18
Total time: 57:22

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